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Tuesday, February 26, 2013



We're back with another goddess. It's Hestia, goddess of home and hearth. The first offering at every sacrifice in a household, went to her. Her symbol is, surprise, fire. Hence fire is on my nails now!

This picture was taken in diffuse daylight.

I started with a layer of Bourjois "Rouge in Style", and on the accent nail, I also applied one coat of W7 "Red Dazzle", as can be seen here:

This picture was taken in artificial light.

Then I saran marbled with Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours gold. With my striper from Etos, I freehanded the outline of the flames on my accent nail, and since it is my right hand, that is shown here, I had to do it with my left (which still has Hygieia on it, with the pretty snake, that I just could NOT remove yet ;) ). I'm sorta proud of my left hand for drawing this while shaking BADLY! 
Then I added some more Red Dazzle to the accent nail, in the center of the flames, to make it more fiery!

And that's it :) We'll continue the Goddesses until the end of February (so Thursday) :)


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